RIVAROL was launched in January 1951 by the founding fathers of the periodical “Ecrits de Paris” and a trio of dedicated young enthusiasts - Antoine Blondin, Julien Guernec (François Brigneau) and Maurice Gaït – it is a wonder how such a weekly, which refuses all advertising, which is deprived of government funding and whose iconoclastic views and vigorous pursuit of the truth have made it the object of unceasing persecution by the judicial establishment, could survive for so long.  During these years many other politically-oriented publications have disappeared – such as the Socialist “L’Unité” and “L’Evénement du jeudi” as well as dailies such as “Le Populaire”, “Le Matin” ou ”Paris-Jour” ?  (The Communist daily “L’Humanité” would have long since suffered the same fate were it not for generous bail-outs by government and big business).

The key to this enigma is probably to be found in the unfailing loyalty of readers (indeed, in some cases reader “dynasties”!) to a newspaper which for over half a century has been dedicated to combatting humbug, disinformation and the socio-political establishment.  Sixty years of unabashed “revisionism” have failed to blunt the claws and the teeth of a team which, with Jérôme Bourbon at the helm since 2010, is constantly benefitting from the injection of new blood.  The seriousness of the danger which RIVAROL represents for the “anti-France” constituency can be measured by the plethora of lawsuits brought against it in recent years by the MRAP, LICRA, Ligue des Droits de l’homme and other pressure groups who are offended by its dedication to the survival of Western civilisation and of its Greco-Christian roots.  The proclaimed objective of these lobbies is the financial ruin and definitive muzzling of a dissenting voice.

Despite these lawsuits, heavy fines, fires and even bombings (especially in 1973), RIVAROL has steadfastly maintained its course and even succeeded in enlarging its audience over the past fifteen years or so, in terms of both subscription and over-the-counter sales – this at a time when the printed word is losing ground every day to the multimedia.  Even more remarkable is the fact that the increase in readership is not limited to France – RIVAROL’s appreciative audience now stretches from Australia to Finland.  Thanks to its polemical punch but also to its desire to inform, with cartoons by Chard, Europe’s most trenchant (and persecuted!) cartoonist, editorials, weekly columns by Hannibal, P.-L. Moudenc, Pierre Vial and Patrick Laurent and articles or reports by Jérôme Bourbon, François-Xavier Rochette, Hervé Ryssen, Laurent Blancy, Petrus Agricola, René Blanc and Jim Reeves take you behind the scenes to reveal the news censored by the all-invasive compliant media.

Welcome to the proud club of political incorrectness!